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Many of my works utilize screen-printing techniques. I enjoy the notion that in screen-printing all three dimensional form is flattened in an instant. It is this idea that flourishes throughout my work unrestricted by the mediums used.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

matte painting / suit landscapes

Motivated by my interest in the film industry and ‘low-tech’ special effects I am currently working on a series of artworks based upon 'movie matte painting'. These images show this process; the traditional visual effect used by filmmakers to enhance a film’s landscape scene, by painting imagery on glass and placing this glass between the subject and the film camera.

The imagery of the artwork will stem from the above Hollywood technique and also from graphic representations of suited men, which will in turn transform into a ‘landscape’.

Let me explain, the traditional Japanese artists and printers, such as Kuniyoshi, created images of assorted individuals wearing traditional costumes such as the Kimono. The patterns found within the textile graphics and folds of the materials are themselves, in my opinion, the main visual dynamic found in these artworks. Taken out of context, I see these fabric patterns as some kind of landscape.
And so, the patterns found within modern suits, in my artworks, will become some kind of landscapes, a series of mountains perhaps…. who knows?, not too sure myself actually….

below are the croped images taken from work by

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