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Many of my works utilize screen-printing techniques. I enjoy the notion that in screen-printing all three dimensional form is flattened in an instant. It is this idea that flourishes throughout my work unrestricted by the mediums used.

Monday, 17 May 2010

hot of the press

these artworks are for a completed commission for Broomfield hospital in Essex.

The artworks consist of imagery based upon the Essex landscape, and the way which you see a car's headlight, (that would be a subaru in essex by the way ) , beaming along the horizon at night, two huge geometric flares of halogen....ever seen that?

The artworks form a series of landscapes, which are also influenced by the process known as 'movie matte painting', the traditional visual effect used by filmmakers to enhance a film's scene, by painting imagery on glass and placing this glass between the subject and the film camera. These landscapes are split into 'components', such as foregrounds and backgrounds. Subsequently these 'components' will be spread along designated areas of the hospital.

there are more to's so difficult photographing glass..

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